Best Inflatable SUP for Dogs

Chris King
Best Inflatable SUP for Dogs

SUP is a sport that makes the interaction between dog and man even better. Taking your dog with you on stand-up paddling is an incredible adventure for the two of you. It can turn out to be such a rewarding and fun experience. The experience increases the friendship level. There is no doubt about that.

SUP Dog Paddle Boards

Inflatable stand-up paddle boards (iSUP) have turned out to be quite popular. They are a necessary addition when it comes to paddle boarding. Whether alone or with your dog, these boards surely make the experience worthwhile. That is for sure.

Before looking at the best inflatable SUP for dogs, let us first look at some tips that with help you when it comes to standup paddling with him/her:

Tips on Standup Paddling with Your Dog

Below are some tips on how to teach your dog to paddle board and also things to consider and remember when out on the water.

  • Practice paddling, standing and sitting on a board with your dog
  • Always make sure that your dog puts on a life jacket
  • Leave the lease at the dock
  • Bring along some treats
  • Keep feet and nails tidy
  • Add some extra grip
  • Remember to hydrate
  • Anticipate the jump
  • Do not forget to carry a first aid kit
  • Have special commands for getting off and on the board

Best Inflatable SUP for Dogs

Below are some great inflatable paddle boards that are perfect for you and your pup.

PathFinder Inflatable SUP

If you’ve been looking for the best inflatable SUP at an affordable price, then this is your ideal choice. The PathFinder Inflatable SUP is not only tailored to be long lasting, it is also made with PVC. Additionally, it features a multi-layer drop stitch pattern. It might be lightweight, but it can surely handle both you and your dog. There is no doubt about that.

The durable and versatile board is easy to store and highly portable. When you inflate it, the board feels almost similar to a hard board. Whenever you and your pet want to go out for an adventure, there is no better inflatable SUP to take with you than this one.

Ten Toes Inflatable SUP Board

Exceptional performance, stability, and durability are exactly what define the Ten Toes iSUP. It boasts the ability to inflate to the sturdiness of any normal board. The board is designed 30 inches wide and 10 feet long to offer nothing short of maximum stability. It brings with it a non-slip deck that’s perfect for both of you. The board’s PVC construction makes it difficult to damage as well as easier to use.

The Ten Toes iSUP offers great maneuverability when on water. It is extremely easy to carry all thanks to its carry handle. The board features an array of accessories such as a lightweight and sturdy paddle that makes its use highly convenient. According to most reviewers, the is a must have because of its quality and durability. It attracts a one year warranty making it an excellent purchase for the passionate paddlers.

Atoll Inflatable SUP Board

Utmost stability, durability, and lightweight are some of the excellent features that define the Atoll Inflatable SUP Board. Of the best iSUP for dogs, this board weighs a paltry 22 pounds. This is all thanks to its construction that’s made of PVC and EVA foam. It is 11 feet long, 6 inches thick, and an adequate stability to carry up to 250 pounds in terms of weight.

In addition to featuring an in-built H3 valve, it also consists of a dual action pump. The convenience of deflating the board into a compact size makes it such a darling of many paddling enthusiasts. Compared to other boards in its league, it is pocket friendly. Get the reliable and strong paddle board today. You’ll never regret it.

Atoll Inflatable Paddle Board with Premium SUP Stand Up Paddle Board Accessories & Back Pack, Non-Slip Comfort Deck for Unisex Adult - 11ft (Army Green)
  • Explore the best in wide paddle board with Atoll boards - now 50% stronger than the competition. Uncover why Atoll paddle board seat is the top-rated choice on Amazon and worldwide. Elevate your water adventures with unmatched strength
  • Elevate your sup boards inflatable - standup paddleboard with a 3rd Gen adjustable paddle (2 lbs 2 ounces) and detachable, durable fin - compatible with all universal/US fin boxes. Explore without worries

Peak iSUP Paddle Board

The Peak iSUP Paddle Board boasts of an array of amazing attributes. At six inches thick, the board is stable in water. The fact that it is 10 feet long makes the board ideal for activities like fishing, yoga or paddling with your dog. Such activities need some additional stability. The drop stitch construction and military-grade PVC construction make it exceptionally strong.

Many reviewers testify to the board’s durability and performance. Some of the included accessories include a repair kit, travel fin, dual action pump, carry back pack, ankle leash, and travel paddle. All of these surely add to this board’s overall value. In the end, you get a well-proven and incredibly designed board that is distinct. It certainly stands out as one of the best inflatable paddle boards when it comes to paddling with your dog.

Peak 10'6" All Around Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board | 6” Thick iSUP and Accessory Pack | Durable and Lightweight | 32" Stable Wide Stance with Non-Slip Deck | 300 lb Capacity (Aqua - 2017, 10'6)
  • ENDLESS SUMMER FUN ON THE WATER - Inflated: 10'6 x 31" x 6" | Rolled up: 11” x 36” | Weight 23 lbs
  • BEST ALL AROUND iSUP DESIGN - Rigid and Stable Shape, Great for All Skill Levels and Conditions


The SPORTSSTUFF 1030 iSUP is lightweight but full of strength. It weighs a paltry 27 pounds and is merely 4 inches thick. Nonetheless, it boasts the ability to handle close to 250 pounds in terms of weight. The fact that it doesn’t take or buckle on water is a huge plus for the board.

What is more is that the board brings with it several accessories that enable you utilize it without any extra purchases. Some of these accessories include a board leash, mesh backpack, valve wrench, pressure gauge, hand pump, tow rings, removable seat, and an adjustable paddle. Together with the board’s brilliant design, these accessories surely make it a must have whenever you and your dog are out on water. Get yours today and enjoy the magical experience.


If you are like most dog owners, the companion of your dog all the time can be so rewarding. Why not go stand-up paddling with him or her? As long as you adhere to the above 10 mentioned tips, you two should be good to go. Paddling with a dog is no different from walking with him. The entire concept is all about taking your pet to the outdoors.

When in the market for the best inflatable SUP for dogs, the numerous brands out there can confuse you. The good thing is that this primer will help you settle for the best. Choose from any of the above mentioned inflatable SUPs for dogs. You’ll surely find them magical.

When in the market for the best inflatable SUP for dogs, the numerous brands out there can confuse you. The good thing is that this primer will help you settle for the best. Choose from any of the above mentioned inflatable SUPs for dogs and you can’t go wrong.

Paddle Boarding with your Pup

Most dogs have a natural instinct for the board, but since animals don’t always react predictably and can get panicked if something is off, there are several things to consider if you plan on stand up paddle boarding with your pooch.

Follow this 5 step guide to SUP with your dog for considerations to take before getting on the water;

1. Get your dog used to the paddle board off the water

Even if your dog loves the water and will jump into a boat without a moment’s hesitation it is always a good idea to get your dog used to how the paddle board feels, the width of it and footing. Put it down on dry land beside the water and practice standing up on it with your pooch. This will also give you a good indication of where your dog will likely sit when you are out on the water. Most animals like to sit up front, but sometimes the occasional dog will stay right in between your legs, so prepare for that. Practice with the basics for commands as well, like sit, stay and lie down before you ever hit the water so you have some control over your pet on the water.

2. Get a mat or non-slip stickers for the front of the paddle board

Most dogs will want to sit on the front of the paddle board, and while there is a non-slip surface in the middle and back of a board, most boards won’t have that feature on the front end. Getting some non-slip stickers or a bathmat is a good idea so your pooch doesn’t slide around and get panicked by the lack of sure footing. It will also keep your dog on the paddle board if they feel secure enough to lie down and enjoy the scenery.

3. Get your dog a life vest with a handle

Animals are unpredictable and you never know when your dog might panic or see something interesting in the water or on shore they have to get to. A life vest designed specifically for your dog will just keep them safe if they aren’t great swimmers and the handle will allow you to easily reach over and pull them back onto the board so you don’t both end up in the water.

4. Choose the right length and width of paddleboard to hold your dog

A 100 pound Bernese will require a lot more space than a 10 pound Chihuahua so you want to make sure your paddleboard is big enough to support the kind of dog you have. If you have more than one and anticipate having everyone on the board at the same time, the length and width of the paddleboard is an important decision so everyone has a place to lie down and enjoy the trip.

5. Stability of the board

Choosing a slightly heavier board with good stability will give you and your pooch a much safer ride. More stability might mean a slightly slower ride, but if your dog decides to move around the board because he sees something really exciting, there is less of a chance that the two of you will end up in the water. More stability means that you will not feel the movement as much either, so you will enjoy a smoother ride with your four-legged friend.

Price and weight are of course important factors, but with so many options on the market, it’s important to consider such things as the materials making up your board and the parts and accessories that come with it.

Important Factors

Stability comes with size for paddle boards. Each product we’ve listed is a solid 6” thick on the water, meaning it won’t buckle or flip, tossing you and your unsuspecting canine into the water.
Materials are incredibly important, so here we will discuss how you can find the best iSUP for you and your pup to get out on the water as safely as possible, as quickly as you can.


The interior of your iSUP may be made with either a single layer, dual layer, or fusion construction. Your board’s rails will be made with single- or double-rail bands, and sometimes rigidity will be enhanced by the addition of reinforcing strips.

Single-layer construction is referred to as single-layer drop-stitch. We don’t recommend these for paddling with dogs, due to their bouncy and more puncture-prone nature.

You’ll find the “sweet spot” balancing weight with rigidity while addressing cost effectiveness with fusion construction, which combines drop-stitch and woven fabrics with a plastic coating. The two layers of fabric will be bonded and coated on the outside with a layer of PVC.

Make sure, for your sake and that of your barking companion, the surface material is specified by the manufacturer as non-slip.


Rails are the edges of your inflatable paddle board, they’re made by strips of reinforced PVC-coated materials that join the sheets for the top and bottom of the board and create an airtight seal. The dual rail band is the most common configuration, but there is significant difference among board strengths depending on the details of implementation concerning construction.

A heat-welded rail may compromise integrity of the board. While using heat instead of adhesive reduces manufacturing costs, there is plenty to be said for good old adhesive. Use your discretion when choosing a board you want to take your dog on with you.

Parts & Accessories

You’ll naturally need a pump for an inflatable SUP, but when you look for the right board, it may be important for the following to be included:

  • A carrying backpack for easy storage and transportation
  • A detachable center fin
  • A coiled safety cord, in case you fall for any reason
  • An adjustable paddle, or one that can be disassembled for storage

Pay attention as well to the position of the air valve and how to use it most effectively.

There’s no reason to leave your dog(s) behind so you can get out on the water with a great SUP. In fact, having the option to include your canine companion(s) may be just the push you needed to start paddling if you’ve been hesitant!

Hard boards have their advantages. They’re always rigid and typically stable, but they can be hard to store, hard to carry, and easy to slip from.
Inflatable boards may make you nervous when you think about your dog’s claws, but we hope our reviews and buyer’s guide give you confidence and alleviate your concerns that your pooch could sink you in the middle of the water.

A big reason we recommend inflatable boards for use with dogs, as opposed to hard boards, is because of the stability.
Dogs can more easily grip an inflatable surface due to the slight give under weight, and weight distribution tends to better spread over an inflatable surface, while a hard board may be more prone to flipping.

Best Dog Life Jackets

Paddle boarding is a fun water sport that many people enjoy. It is so much fun that people are getting their dogs to go along with them. While dogs can swim they still need protection in the water in case the paddle boar overturns.

PlayaPup Dog Life Jacket

This life jacket comes in many different sizes. There are extra small sizes for little dogs as well as xx large sizes for big dogs that love the water. The life jacket is made from neoprene which is a water resistant material. The jacket has an EVA foam filling so that it is comfortable and able to float. There are two straps as well as double Velcro to make sure the dog the vest will stay on the dog. There is a mesh underbelly for comfort. There is also a floatation piece under the neck so the dog’s head will stay above the water. There are reflectors as an added safety feature. There is also a handle to help the dog out of the water and a D ring so that it can be attached to a leash after some fun water play.

PlayaPup Dog Life Jacket, 2X-Large, Surf Blue
  • PLEASE READ: Please refer to our size chart since sizing can vary by brands (last image under product images)
  • MEASURING TIPS: Life vests fits most dogs, but be aware that all dog breeds are not built the same. Use a soft measuring tape and always make sure not to measure too tightly by allowing sufficient room to slip two fingers between measuring tape. Chest girth should be the most important measurement to be considered.

Camo Pet Life Preserver Jacket

This life vest comes in sizes extra small to extra large. It has a camp print and was designed for dogs that like to be active in the water and engage in sports such as paddle boarding. There are Velcro straps so that the life jacket can be adjusted to give the dog a perfect for. There are reflectors on this jacket so the pet can be visible any time of the day or at dusk. There is a top handle which allows the owner to grab the dog quickly and take it to safety. There is also a D ring that a leash can be attached to. This life jacket is breathable for the dog and is made from a lightweight mesh fiber. The dog will be both safe and comfortable. This jacket dries quickly due to the moisture wick material.

Camo Pet Life Preserver Jacket,Camouflage Dog Life Vest with Adjustable Buckles,Dog Safety Life Coat for Swimming, Boating, Hunting | (XS, S, M, L, XL) …
  • ✅ COOL CAMO PRINT - The camouflage print featured on our dog life vest is always a fave among hunting dogs and pups who enjoy romping around outdoors. Boy dogs AND girl dogs love wearing our camouflage pet life vest!
  • ✅ ADJUSTABLE DESIGN - To ensure a secure fit, the pet life jacket is equipped with ultra durable Velcro straps and adjustable quick release buckles. We also carry our dog life preserver jacket in 5 different sizes: XS, S, M, L and XL. IF YOU HESITATE BETWEEN TWO SIZES, CHOOSE THE LARGER ONE.

Kungi Surf N Turf Dog Life Jacket

This dog life jacket comes with a lifetime warranty. This lifejacket comes in sizes extra small to extra large. This life jacket has an floatation liner so that the dog can stay afloat when going paddle boarding. There are two handles so that a person can get control of the dog quickly if needed. There is reflective trim so that the dog can be seen. Thos life jacket is made from a rip resistant material and there are two D rings for quick connections.

Kurgo Dog Water Life Jacket, Inflatable Safety Jacket for Dogs, Lifejacket Doggy Floats for Kayak, Pool or Lake, Reflective, Adjustable, Surf n’ Turf Life Jacket for Small Medium Large Pets,Red
  • DOG LIFE JACKET: Lifejacket helps your pup stay afloat while swimming; designed for active dogs, the athletic fit and streamlined flotation layer makes this vest comfy for all day wear
  • 2 TRAVERSE CONTROL HANDLES: Dog life vest has two perpendicular handles for easy water extraction; life vest is made of rugged ripstop material with neoprene liner

Outward Hound Ripstop Dog Life Jacket

This life jacket is rugged and is made from special material so that it will not get ripped. This life jacket comes in sizes extra small to extra large. There are side buckles that can be adjusted so a person can get the perfect fit for their dog. There are front floaters that will be able to keep the dog above water and there is a floater by the head so that the dog’s head will stay above the water. There are reflective accents so that the dog can be seen without a problem. This life jacket can accommodate dogs up to 100 pounds.

Outward Hound Granby Splash Orange Dog Life Jacket, Medium
  • SIZING BASED ON GIRTH: Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Whether your dog is short and stout or long and lanky, there's a dog life jacket fit for them. Available in sizes XS-XL and featuring adjustable straps, we've made it easy for you to choose a size that supports them based on their girth measurement. We recommend sizing up if the dog's girth size is on the higher end of this size.
  • SPLASH WITH SAFETY: The Outward Hound Granby Splash life jacket for dogs is designed with bright colors and reflective accents to provide better visibility while swimming. A front neck float helps keep your dog's head above water whether they are a novice or experienced swimmer.

Swimway Sea Squirt Dog Life Vest

This life vest has an extra fin on the top so that the dog will stay above the water even if the paddle board tips over. This life vest will cover the entire body for comfort and will not restrict movement. This will also aid in teaching a dog how to swim and will build confidence. This way the dog will love to go into the water. This life jacket will allow a dog to engage in a number of water activities including paddle boarding without restricting movement. This jacket is made from a heavy duty fabric so it will stand up to the test of time.

SwimWays Sea Squirts Dog Life Vest w/Fin for Doggie Swimming Safety, Color: Blue, Size: Small
  • FUNCTIONAL: Full-body dog life jacket flotation device supports your pet in and around the water, for maximum swimming enjoyment. Best used in swimming pools, oceans, lakes, and boating excursions.
  • ADORABLE: The flexible (and cute!) dorsal fin on the back allows for maximum adorableness AND as a handle to provide quick control of your puppy, older or aging pet (and they get to pretend they're a shark!)

These are the five best dog life jackets for paddle boarding for the dogs. These life jackets will allow the dogs to have fun on the paddle board and they will stay safe at the same time.


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