Best Inflatable Paddle Boards for Use with Dogs

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You and your dog love the water, but playing fetch on the shore just isn’t doing it for you.

Getting out on a SUP really revs you up, but you don’t want to leave your precious pooch at home so you can get your kicks.

Paddle boards can get pricey, and finding the right one for you can be tricky, let alone finding one that would be good for you and your canine companion(s).

Best Inflatable SUP for Use with Dogs

We have found that inflatable boards are much more affordable than wood and other solid materials. Additionally, in trying out different types of boards, we discovered that the inflatable option gave our doggy companions more grip for greater stability, and we ultimately didn’t have to worry about their claws causing any problems!

For these reasons, we have compiled a short list of what we have found to be the best inflatable SUP boards for you to use with your pup.

Top 3 Best Inflatable Paddle Boards for Dogs

Long lists can be overwhelming, especially when those lists include different types of boards with different materials. We have condensed the process in our list – each option is inflatable and we have considered what is the best board overall, what’s the best for your budget, and what’s the best premium option, for those of you who won’t skimp on your hobbies or your pets.

1. Peak Expedition Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board – Best Overall

We have found that when it comes to size, maneuverability, and stability for our dogs, the Peak Expedition Inflatable SUP is top of the line.

This top-rated board is among the more expensive options for inflatables, but it more than makes up for the hit to your wallet with the equipment and accessories that come along with the super-strong, lightweight board.

Our Choice
Peak Expedition Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board
Our Rating
Designed for the paddle board warrior, the inflatable SUP board features a hybrid nose for fishing, touring, snorkeling, spear fishing, or recreational paddling in all weather conditions
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Another thing making this board so excellent is the awesome kit that comes with it, including an aluminum, adjustable paddle; carry backpack; high-pressure, dual-action pump including a pressure gauge; removable travel fin that snaps in; and a patch kit.

Our Favorite Things:

  • 11’ x 32” x 6” makes for excellent stability for dogs of all sizes
  • Military-grade PVC material is super-resistant to punctures, so you don’t have to worry about your pup’s claws gripping on as you go.
  • Weighs less than 20 lbs when inflated and ready to go and carries up to 275 lbs
  • Risk-free return is offered with a 30-day guarantee and 1-year warranty


  • Carrying bag is a single pouch with no internal pockets or dividers for organization

2. SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board – Best for the Budget

With thousands of top-rated reviews, we had to give the SereneLife SUP a try for ourselves. It’s not every day you find such an affordable board with so many people raving about how great it is, and now we can say, it absolutely holds up to the hype and exceeded our expectations.

This board runs slightly smaller than other recommendations we give for iSUPs to use with dogs, so we would recommend having smaller canine companions or doing some early training with your big boys before you take them out on the water. Even so, it’s definitely big enough to stay stable!

SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board (6 Inches Thick) with Premium SUP Accessories & Carry Bag | Wide Stance, Bottom Fin for Paddling, Surf Control, Non-Slip Deck | Youth & Adult Standing Boat
Perfect for beginners, we've upgraded this inflatable paddle board with a no slip soft top that cushions your fall when slips or accidents occur.

Naturally, you will find cheaper boards on the market, but SereneLife delivers quality that really beats what you would anticipate from the super-affordable price.

Our Favorite Things:

  • 10’5” x 30” x 6” means stability without bulkiness
  • Superior make rivals pricier boards both inflatable and solid
  • Comes with a complete kit of accessories, including paddle, pump, and coiled safety cord
  • Superior grip on top means you and your pup can worry less about slipping


  • May feel less stable than a hard SUP
  • May be difficult to inflate with manual pump

3. Swonder Premium Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board – Best Premium

It isn’t every day you find a superior premium board that won’t annihilate your budget, but we’ve found the one we will recommend every time!

The stability and capacity of this board are second to none. Combined with a soft, non-slip deck with an elastic bungee design and capacity for heavy weight, you have nothing to worry about taking your dog(s) of any size out on the water with you for any SUP activity.

When we say premium, we really mean this is a premium board. In fact, once we had it up and fully inflated, it was hard for a couple of us to distinguish it from a hard SUP – we know, it’s hard to believe. So, don’t take our word for it; if you want a premium board that you and your dog(s) will love forever, look no further.

Our Favorite Things:

  • 30-day return guarantee and 1-year warranty means you make a risk-free purchase
  • Military-grade PVC material with a drop-stitch means this board is super durable and has a rigidity not found among many iSUPs
  • SUP kit includes a backpack with a high capacity for easy storage and transportation, plus an adjustable paddle, leash, detachable central fin, and pump
  • Lightweight; the kit weighs only 30 lbs when packed up, and the board weighs only 21.6 lbs when fully inflated


May be tiring to pump up with the manual pump. Valve position is important! Close attention must be paid when inflating

Buyer’s Guide

You want to get out on the water with man’s best friend on a SUP that will hold you both without wobbling or slipping. There are more factors to consider when your dogs are involved than if you go for a SUP on your own or even with friends.

Price and weight are of course important factors, but with so many options on the market, it’s important to consider such things as the materials making up your board and the parts and accessories that come with it.

Important Factors

Stability comes with size for paddle boards. Each product we’ve listed is a solid 6” thick on the water, meaning it won’t buckle or flip, tossing you and your unsuspecting canine into the water.
Materials are incredibly important, so here we will discuss how you can find the best iSUP for you and your pup to get out on the water as safely as possible, as quickly as you can.


The interior of your iSUP may be made with either a single layer, dual layer, or fusion construction. Your board’s rails will be made with single- or double-rail bands, and sometimes rigidity will be enhanced by the addition of reinforcing strips.

Single-layer construction is referred to as single-layer drop-stitch. We don’t recommend these for paddling with dogs, due to their bouncy and more puncture-prone nature.

You’ll find the “sweet spot” balancing weight with rigidity while addressing cost effectiveness with fusion construction, which combines drop-stitch and woven fabrics with a plastic coating. The two layers of fabric will be bonded and coated on the outside with a layer of PVC.

Make sure, for your sake and that of your barking companion, the surface material is specified by the manufacturer as non-slip.


Rails are the edges of your inflatable paddle board, they’re made by strips of reinforced PVC-coated materials that join the sheets for the top and bottom of the board and create an airtight seal. The dual rail band is the most common configuration, but there is significant difference among board strengths depending on the details of implementation concerning construction.

A heat-welded rail may compromise integrity of the board. While using heat instead of adhesive reduces manufacturing costs, there is plenty to be said for good old adhesive. Use your discretion when choosing a board you want to take your dog on with you.

Parts & Accessories

You’ll naturally need a pump for an inflatable SUP, but when you look for the right board, it may be important for the following to be included:

  • A carrying backpack for easy storage and transportation
  • A detachable center fin
  • A coiled safety cord, in case you fall for any reason
  • An adjustable paddle, or one that can be disassembled for storage

Pay attention as well to the position of the air valve and how to use it most effectively.


There’s no reason to leave your dog(s) behind so you can get out on the water with a great SUP. In fact, having the option to include your canine companion(s) may be just the push you needed to start paddling if you’ve been hesitant!

Hard boards have their advantages. They’re always rigid and typically stable, but they can be hard to store, hard to carry, and easy to slip from.
Inflatable boards may make you nervous when you think about your dog’s claws, but we hope our reviews and buyer’s guide give you confidence and alleviate your concerns that your pooch could sink you in the middle of the water.

A big reason we recommend inflatable boards for use with dogs, as opposed to hard boards, is because of the stability.
Dogs can more easily grip an inflatable surface due to the slight give under weight, and weight distribution tends to better spread over an inflatable surface, while a hard board may be more prone to flipping.

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