Tubble Royale Inflatable Bathtub Review

Chris King
Tubble Royale Inflatable Bathtub Review

Nothing feels better than coming home from a long day at work and taking a nice, warm, soothing bath.

As the aroma of bath salts fill the steamy air, you start to feel the stress of the day melt away.

If you are reading this envious of those that have a bathtub already installed in their homes, don’t be! You too can experience the relaxing end-of-day soak with Tubble Royale.

Tubble Royale Inflatable Bathtub Review

Tubble Royale is an Inflatable bathtub that is designed to fit into most standard bathrooms. It is a wonderful investment for those who want the comfort of a bathtub but do not want the commitment or cost of installing one!

Tubble Royale Inflatable Bathtub Review

Who Is It For?

Tubble Royale is great for people of all ages! With its ability to hold people with a height of up to 6’2”, this bathtub is a fantastic choice for children and adults of all sizes. And with this capacity, it can easily fit two people! 

This inflatable bathtub is also perfect for those with limited storage space. When Tubble Royale is not inflated, it measures 157.48 x 78.74 x 43.18 cm which means it can easily fit in your bathroom cabinets. 

Want to take a bath out in nature? With Tubble Royale, you can! This inflatable bathtub is made with high-quality 6-layer, 0.4 mm PVC which makes it durable enough to take outdoors. This means you can watch the sunset while you wash away the day.

Features and Functions

Tubble Royale is built for maximum comfort!

It is equipped with a comfy integrated headrest, a closable top to keep the water warm, and a cupholder! You can lie back, sip while you soak, and be assured that your water will stay at a relaxing temperature, even if that temperature is 113°! Yes, this remarkable inflatable bathtub is able to withstand that kind of heat!

Not only can Tubble Royale endure incredible heat, but it can also withstand bath salts, oil, foam, and other bathing-related products. This is yet another testament to the 6-layer high-quality PVC. 

Tubble Royale can hold up to 60 gallons of water while the standard bathtub can only hold 42 gallons. Despite this, the inflatable bathtub only weighs 5.5kg(12lb) without water, making it extremely easy to move around. It is also amazingly easy to inflate and drain. 

Tubble® Portable Bathtub Adult Size [61.4"] - Quick & Easy Inflatable Bathtub in 60 sec. incl. Electric Air Pump, Ice Bath Tub for Athletes or for Relaxation, Portable Tub - Color: Ambient Taube
  • ✔ A RELAXING BATH AGAINST YOUR EVERYDAY STRESS - In our fast-paced world, a warm or cold plunge bath can help you relieve stress and muscle pain by boosting your blood circulation. Recover today in your inflatable bath tub, so you are ready for tomorrow.
  • ✔ QUICK & EASY ASSEMBLY IN JUST 60 SECONDS - The included electrical air pump allows you to completely assemble your portable tub for adults in just 60 seconds. This allows for more time to relax and forget about all your stress and worries.

This inflatable bathtub includes an electric air pump that inflates Tubble Royale in only 1 minute!

This is a must-have feature for those who use bathtubs for relaxation. You surely wouldn’t want to be standing around for a long time or fumbling around with a lot of pieces after a long day. 

A piece of this inflatable bathtub that is truly amazing is the drain hose! It is put under the bathtub, so it stays out of the way and drains easily into whatever you have the bathtub sitting in. All you have to do is pull the plastic plug and let the drain do the rest!

Spring a leak? No worries! Although it is highly unlikely since this inflatable bathtub is constructed with ultra-tough materials, Tubble Royale comes with a user manual, two patches, one repair air valve, and one drain hose replacement. You can relax knowing that if a leak did occur, you have all the necessary materials to repair it. 

Where to Store It

You’ll want to store Tubble Royale in the storage bag provided! It may be tempting to just shove it in a cabinet, but you’ll risk tears and other damage to the product if you do that. 

Also, make sure you always keep your bag clean, dry, and debris free to avoid punctures to Tubble Royale. 

The Good and the Not so Good 

Products with amazing features still do have some drawbacks. There are a few you might experience. But first, let’s begin with the pros!

The 6 main great features of Tubble Royale are:

  • Holds more water per gallon than the standard bathtub
  • Has an integrated headrest for enhanced comfort 
  • Includes a cupholder 
  • Drains easily into your shower or other structure you have the bathtub in
  • Very spacious and can easily fit two people
  • Saves space, time, and money

The 2 disadvantages of Tubble Royale are: 

  • It can be a bit difficult getting in and out due to the lack of handrails
  • The drain is a little small and lets out water at a slower rate than standard bathtubs


Now you know all the wonderful aspects of this inflatable bathtub along with some issues you may have. Let’s look at some questions you may still have!

I’m an athlete who takes a lot of ice baths. Can I use the Tubble Royale for that?
Yes! Tubble Royale is built to withstand quite intense temperatures.  

Do I need to dry off Tubble Royale before putting it away?
Yes! Always remember to dry off the bathtub along with any water on the storage bag before putting it away.

Are batteries required for the pump or any part of the bathtub?
Nope! The pump conveniently plugs into the wall. Don’t worry about an adapter either, this pump is designed to fit into all standard outlets.

Is there a maximum weight for Tubble Royale?
No, there is no maximum weight. The bottom of the floor is not inflatable so there is no risk of it bursting under pressure. Instead, the floor contains a comfortable mat to still provide you with some cushion.

What size is the bath tub once inflated?
The inner size measures: 52’’ x 22’’ x 17’’ (L x W x H) and the outer size 62’’ x 31’’ x 17’’ (L x W x H).


Melting away the stress of the day doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive! With Tubble Royale, you can experience all the amazing benefits of a soothing bath at a lower price and easier setup.

This inflatable bathtub has all the features you need to have an enjoyable experience. From a cupholder to an integrated headrest, you’ll have no choice but to lie back and relax all those tired muscles. 

Tubble Royale is easy to inflate, clean, and store, making this a great option for users with limited time, space, and energy!

This inflatable bathtub is an exceptional substitute for a standard bathtub and will provide you with all the comfort you are seeking. 

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