Amazing Inflatable Bike Rack

Chris King
Amazing Inflatable Bike Rack

Amazing! This is one of the 21st Century innovation that has placed bike as a luxury as car since you can move with it anywhere your car can reach. Coming in a package to fit in a bag or at the back of your bike seat, this inflated bike rack is creative pack on its own. We have been fond of cars with their luggage or animal trucks but this one is vividly the most innovations that you will have a chance to enjoy especially the bike riders.

A large inflatable bag that turns into a car bike rack was set up on Kickstarter and is named the Trunkmonkey.

TrunkMonkey Inflated Bike Rack

This inflated bike rack is an inflated bag that has an included pump. It uses air to fill. This helps in containing the weight of the bike and prevents it scratching your car color. The material make is of cordula Kevlar a tear and torn resistance bag. Once inflated it is attached on the truck or the rear hatch. The inflated air helps the rack to have a non-compressed air. The bike is tied using the nylon straps on the frame. Raise it to get the same level as the hatch or truck and for the safety of the bike. You are ready now to go places with your bike safe and convenience.

Amazing Inflatable Bike Rack

How the inflated bike rack works

This is a very portable piece of bag placed on the seat post of your bike. This makes it all time bag for it availability. It has a nozzle and a pump for inflating and deflating it in time of use and after respectively. The rack comes as a universal fit for all bikes frames. The inflating pump is an in build for 12v DC connection with your car automatically or manually. The pressure inflated reduces the contact created by the weight of the bike that can easily dent on the car body or scratch the colors.
Benefits of inflated bike rackBenefits of this product for sure are amazing and exhibits what the inflated bike rack has offered upon its invention.

1. Convenience: it cannot be written off how convenient the rack has made it for bike riders to move with them from one place to another. This has expeditiously reduced the amount of money that would have been spent to rent a truck to ferry the bike to the area it may be needed. This products saves you time and you can get there more fast than sending your bike some weeks earlier just because you are going for a summer holidays.

2. Simple: From how it works, to how it is packed gives you a simple way to be using this great innovative. A product that uses air and lifts the weight of any bike clearly shows how easy it is. Inflating is by the car 22v DC battery or manually using the in-built pump.

3. Portable: This inflated bike rack is a pack enclosed to become a size of a ball. It doesn’t occupy space when deflated and you can mount it under you bike seat or in your car boot. Use it any time by going with your bike or helping your friend get home fast on a free traffic day or rainy day.

Amazing Inflatable Bike Rack

4. Cheap: This may not mean price wise but also in maintenance. Depending with the demand for it the price may change but maintenance is cheap. It is only inflating it and after use you deflate and keep. It is made from a hard to tear polyvinyl interior and the outside is made of cordula Kevlar.

5. It is an all-time use product: Whether the weather is hot or its winter time this product is a guarantee of successful adventure. It material make doesn’t tear and wear easily thus resistance to outstanding the general weather alternative.


After having a real innovative product for bike lovers, it is evident that travelling broad and wide will not again be limited by inability to go with your bike but has been made possible. Inflatable bike rack has come as a solution that had failed due to fear of denting your car or scratching its color. It is a flexible product to use as anyone who is driving can use it. Behind cars and drivers can see the attached bike and thus keeping a distance too. For traffic rules, there is no hindrance while indicating left or right, brakes and the general car movement. Get yours today for an outstanding bike experience.

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