Amazing Car Capsule and Bubble for Protecting your Vehicle

Chris King

If you own a luxury sports car you will know that when it comes to protecting it in winter can be a pain, you are almost wrapping it up to sleep and leaving it till next spring before it comes out again.

Amazing Car Capsule and Bubble for Protecting your Vehicle

A car capsule or car bubble is a fantastic way to store your car now in winter, or even if you are just away for a few weeks, it protects it from dust and the elements outside, prevents bird droppings landing on the paint work, and cats from crawling on top too.

Best Car Capsule Bubble Protector

There are a range of different car capsules and car bubble protectors on the market which are all very similar and come in a range of sizes. You can use them for you car or motor bike too. We love the CarCapsule, it has a high-pressure fan that provides continuous airflow keeping your vehicle or motorcycle dry while also preventing condensation.

With the Evaporative Storage System, the filtered air inside the bubble changes 3 to 6 times every hour keeping the temperature inside consistent with the temperature outside and eliminating any moisture to condense on your vehicle or motorcycle. With the clear dome bubble that covers your car you can always see it too ensuring no damp is building up inside.

What is a Car Capsule?

A car capsule is an inflated bubble for your car, it creates a bubble home that once inflated protects your vehicle, the clear lining doesn’t even touch your car once inflated.

Just lay out the capsule where you wish to park and leave the car, drive the car onto the basemat and zip up the bubble over the car, turn the fan on and within seconds the bubble will inflate around the car. The zip is a heavy-duty 100% nylon coil zipper to prevent any scratching to the paintwork.

The basemat is made from strong robust 18 millimeter PVC that is mildew, abrasion, flame resistant and also impervious to oil, gas, and antifreeze, making it ideal to keep clean.

What size? You can buy these in a range of sizes depending on your car, to know which to buy just measure your car from bumper to bumper, then add 6 inches to that measurement. This is the size your require. You can buy a 14 foot, 16 foot, 18 foot and a 20 foot version. As an example of size the16ft car capsule is 192in long x 78in wide x 68in high in size.

Depending on the size you buy the bubble should be around 6 inches aways from the car allowing plenty of clearance for wing mirrors and ariels on the roof of the car.

Benefits of a Car Capsule/Bubble

  • Protects the car from
    • Dust & Debris
    • Birds
    • Cats & animals
    • Mice
    • Rain & water
    • Snow
  • Stops Scratches
  • Great for high humidity regions
  • Keeps the car clean
  • Stops rodents getting in

The CarCapsule is an amazing new way to keep your car clean, safe and protected what ever the weather and whatever time of year. It is great for use inside a garage where you may also be working to prevent dust and damp getting to the car.

If you need want to protect your car then this inflatable car bubble is a great way to do it, it works very well and is well priced making it a good investment, if you change your car then you can use it again with that car too.

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