Giant Inflatable Beach Ball

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Everyone loves a beach ball when by the sea, but how big do you go, this jumbo sized beach ball takes the game to a whole new level, ideal for playing on the beach, although a large amount of space is needed, or paddling in the sea.

At 12 feet wide this beach ball is massive, an astounding 659,000 cubic inch volume, it is just a normal classic looking beach ball on steroids. With its large size it is built for being used, it is made with a  thick, durable 30mil vinyl that also has reinforced seams.

Giant Inflatable Beach Ball

This beach ball is large, so blowing it up like a traditional ball is not advisable, an electric pump is a must.

With that in mind you will need to blow this is up using a car air pump, once inflated you then need to get it to the beach, this isn’t large, it is massive!

Check out the The Beach Behemoth Giant Inflatable 12-Foot Pole-to-Pole Beach Ball by Sol Coastal here.

Giant Inflatable Ball UK

If you are in the UK then check out the BigMouth Inc Gigantic 12ft Beach Ball which is the same but can be bought in the UK.

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