Giant Life-Size Inflatable Animals Perfect for Parties

Chris King
Giant Life-Size Inflatable Animals Perfect for Parties

The weather is changing, and children have very few days left to enjoy summer activities like swimming with their favourite inflatable toys.

Some of the parents want to take their kids to the pools and other water activities a few more times before the season change.

Jet Creations Inflatable Wildlife Animal Figurines

We know as parents, you want to choose the best things for your child to make them happy. The same rule applies to when you are buying toys for children.

A collection of some of the best giant life-size inflatable animal figurines is, therefore, one of the best options to surprise and make your kids happy.

The Best Giant Life-Size Inflatable Animals

The toys we have listed below carry choking hazards and aren’t suitable for children under 3 years. Notably, these toys, when uninflated, can be a choking risk for children under 8 years. Besides, all these inflatable toys below are phthalate-free vinyl.

1. Jet Creations Inflatable Giraffe Animal

This inflatable giraffe figurine is exciting for pool parties or when your child is swimming under your supervision. It also makes for a great in-house interactive toy and decoration piece for the kids’ room similar to its counterparts from the same brand, “Jet Creations.” It is nearly 36 inches tall and 24 inches long.

Jet Creations 36" Inflatable Giraffe Toy for Pool Party Decorations & Birthday Gifts - Air Stuffed Realistic Inflatable Wildlife Animals - Indoor & Outdoor Party Inflatables for Kids & Adults
  • [Super-sized fun] Standing at a striking 36 inches in height, the Jet Creations inflatable toy becomes the life of any event; With cutting-edge RF welding technology, the inflatable giraffe features quality with realistic contour
  • [Premium quality, child-safe] Crafted from heavy-duty vinyl and completely phthalate-free, these inflatable toys for kids are safe for ages 3 and up; Designed with kids in mind, it features no sharp edges, jagged points or unsafe components

What’s more, this inflatable giraffe toy makes for a suitable toy companion for your kid at their birthday party. It has a soft and comfortable feel. Also, it is the best décor for your kid’s safari-themed birthday party.

2. Jet Creations Inflatable Baby Elephant

Do you wish to surprise your kid at a summer pool party or birthday? This inflatable baby elephant toy is the best toy to make them happy. It is 19 inches tall and 36 inches long. Plus, this animal figure inflates quickly within a few blows and is perfect for adults and kids both to play when swimming in a pool and having fun with friends.

Jet Creations Inflatable Baby Elephant 36 inch Pool Party Decoration Birthday Kids and Adult Stuffed Animals an-ELE8
  • [Feature] realistic colorful imprint baby elephant with long nose big ears and big expressive eyes Popular circus animal easy to travel and take anywhere
  • [Size] 36 long by 17 (between ears) by 19 tall in inches

Also, if you are planning a beach party with your family, taking the inflatable baby elephant for your younger kids can help keep them engaged and playful throughout the trip.

3. Jet Creations Inflatable Zebra

This one is 30 inches long and 32 inches tall. It is a perfect prop for pool parties, birthday parties, and kids’ playroom. The inflatable zebra can make for a perfect addition to an existing safari-themed toy collection to let your kid familiarize themselves with animals.

Jet Creations an-ZEB3 Inflatable Zebra, 32"
  • Feature: Jet Creations inflatable air stuffed Zebra features a lifelike design Zebra, standing approx 32 inch tall with own feet. It has beautiful eyes, realistic figure, and black/white stripes all over.
  • Size: The Zebra is approx 32 inch tall and 30 inch from nose to rump. Due to nature of the product the size may be little different.

It comes with a unique repair kit so you can instantly resolve any issues such as holes or minor tears. Keep the choking hazards in mind because while this toy is extremely attractive for young children, it is not suitable for kids under 3.

4. Jet Creations Inflatable Male Lion

Do you want to give your child the best experience on their birthday? This standing inflatable lion figurine is high-quality and colourful and makes the best gift. It will grab all the attention in kids’ parties such as pool parties, birthdays, and more.

Jet Creations Male Lion King of Africa Safari Wildlife Figure, 36", Self Standing Inflatable Animal
  • [FEATURE] Male Lion Inflatable. Self Standing with Tan Body and Brown Mane
  • [MADE FOR ALL SEASONS] This beautiful and realistic animal is built with durable material. Withhold Hot Summer and Cold Winter

Additionally, this toy is suitable for indoor and outdoor play. The pride and courage on the lion’s face will help your child learn the personality traits of this animal. It is 36 inches long and 24 inches tall and is suitable for children over 3 years.

5. Jet Creations Inflatable Wildlife Animal Figurines 7pk Bundle

This is a collection of all four of the animal figurines above with the addition of a playful and colourful tiger, rhinoceros, and an eagle. Further, this collection contains 3 different artworks that have 6 pages each for your kid to read.

Jet Creations Inflatable Wildlife Animal Figurines with 3 Note Pads 1 Coloring Book, Realistic Blow up and Stationery for Work and Home, Animal Size 36 inch and up. JC- WILD7
  • 7 Realistic Wildlife and Safari Animal Figurines Inflatable: Giraffe, Zebra, Elephant, Lion, Tiger, Rhinoceros, Bald Eagle
  • Also include 3 Note Pads and 1 Coloring Book

What’s more, the bundle contains 3 notepads and animal-themed colouring books. Hence, it is one of the best ways to let your child familiarize themselves with some of the most common safari animals.

Guide to Choosing the Right Inflatable Animal Figurines for Kids

Inflatable animal figurines help children recognize many different animals, learn their physical traits, their appearance, and more. Playing with these toys also develop feelings of love and compassion for animals.

With so many options, choosing the best life-size animal figurines can be difficult. However, there is a defined set of factors that you have to consider when buying any toys for your children. We have mentioned the main things you should not overlook when selecting an inflatable life-size animal figurine for your kids.

Age Rating

Buying age-appropriate toys are important for every kid. The main reason behind this is the experience they have with the toys they play with. Kids learn new things while developing new skills and interests. Every toy has an age-specific limit –for instance, some toys may be good for older children but possess a choking hazard for small kids. Similarly, there are other safety issues such as chewing toys. In this case, bigger and harder toys may not be suitable for young little ones.

Choose CE-marked Toys

By choosing CE toys, you are purchasing the toys that follow international consumer health and user safety. These kinds of toys have a specific recognition for being children-friendly and following all the required safety standards. Moreover, they also comprise environmentally-friendly means of production and materials.

Safe Material

Certain materials used in the toys can have a harmful impact on your child’s health if they bite or chew on it for a little while. Therefore, choose toys that are either non-chewable or contain completely safe material.

Air Stopper/Plugs

This is something that you can’t ignore when you are buying inflatable toys for your kids. If the toy is strictly for water use, make sure that the air stopper fits perfectly and holds air for longer periods. In case the stopper or plug is loose or ineffective, the toy can lose air and put your child at risk without any safety.

Shape, Size, and Other Measurements

Make sure that the inflatable toy figurine isn’t too big for your kid since they won’t be able to enjoy playing with it to the fullest. While giant life-size inflatable animal figurines are fun and interactive for children, you should pay close attention to their composition and shape as that can be potentially harmful to children if you buy a low-quality product.


Choose the toys that are most playful and exciting for your child. If your kid loves animals and shows interest in wildlife, you can choose inflatable animal figurines from above and let them have fun with their favourite animal in the form of an inflatable toy. Make sure you take into account all the factors discussed above to choose the right products for your child’s safety and ensure a fun and joyful experience for them.

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