The Best Indoor Bounce Houses for Every Energetic Child

Chris King
The Best Indoor Bounce Houses for Every Energetic Child

Children have the most energy. Especially those that are anywhere between 3 and 8 years old! From turning pots and pans to a drum kit to jumping and running around the house screaming for ice cream.

Jumping in a bounce house is an awesome way to get them to release all that energy.

Best Bounce Houses

What’s even better?

Having your indoor bounce house! They’d be able to play with it whenever they feel like it.

In this article, I’ve compiled a list of the best bounce houses for kids.

6 Best Bounce Houses

The good news is that any bounce house that can be used indoors is also suitable for outdoor use. So, if you have a backyard, you could always move it outside on warmer days.

It’s not the same vise-versa though. That’s because outdoor bounce houses can be too large for indoor use.

I’ll be focusing on those you can easily set up indoors.

Little Tikes Inflatable Jump and Slide Bounce House

Little Tikes created this bounce house with a net surrounding it. This way, you won’t have to worry about your children falling out, and you’ll be able to watch your kids from all angles.

With a jumping area of 12’x9’, the bounce house is made with a puncture-free material. You’ll find some holes in the bounce house, which is normal. Those holes were made so the air can easily come out while the children are playing.

Little Tikes Jump 'n Slide Inflatable Bouncer Includes Heavy Duty Blower With GFCI, Stakes, Repair Patches, And Storage Bag, for Kids Ages 3-8 Years
Three mesh slides protect children, and let parents watch the fun. Stakes anchor the bouncer firmly in place, while a heavy-duty blower provides continuous airflow.

It also comes with a heavy-duty blower that must run the whole time when kids are on it.

When you purchase the bounce house you’ll have a couple of things that are included in the box. These include 4 blower stakes and 6 bouncer stakes to keep everything in place. You’ll also find that it comes with 4 repair patches and a storage bag.

It’s suitable for kids from 3 to 9 years old, with a maximum total weight of 250lbs. There also shouldn’t be more than 3 children on the bounce at a time.

Things We Like

  • Inflates in minutes
  • Compact storage size

Things We Don’t Like

  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Color may fade if left for long in the sun

ACTION AIR Bounce House

This bounce house is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. It folds up into a compact size that you can easily take anywhere with you. It comes with lawn stakes so that it’d be pinned down in place and avoid tipping over from all the jumping.

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ACTION AIR Bounce House
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The bounce house comes with a 5ft x 5ft jumping area. It can accommodate 3 children, aged between 3 to 10. It holds a maximum weight of 300 lbs.

Not only does it have a bouncing area, but there’s also an area for pit balls as well. The multiple activities can keep your child entertained for hours.

Things We Like

  • CPSC approved
  • 1-year warranty
  • 3 minutes to inflate and deflate
  • Colorful design

Things We Don’t Like

  • May tear if the maximum weight is exceeded

Blast Zone Magic Castle

Blast Zone created a bounce house that focuses on your children’s safety. It has netting all around so children wouldn’t fall out. It’s also made with reinforced vinyl material that’d be hard to tear.

Blast Zone Magic Castle - Inflatable Bounce House with Blower - Premium Quality - Indoor/Outdoor - Portable - Sets Up in Seconds
With fast, easy setup taking just a couple minutes, up to 3 Kids will be bouncing quickly and gleefully, on a bounce floor made of reinforced, commercial-grade vinyl.

The bounce house can easily be used indoors and outdoors. Its height is suitable for standard ceiling height. It takes under 2 minutes to inflate, and it rolls up to a medium-sized sleeping bag after deflation.

The Blast Zone Magic Castle can easily fit 3 children with a maximum weight of 300lbs. This bounce house is suitable for children from 3 to 12 years old.

Things We Like

  • Easy to set up
  • Quadruple stitching
  • DVD manual instructions
  • 1-year warranty

Things We Don’t Like

  • Opened top, no sun protection if used outdoors

Check it out!

Costzon Inflatable Bounce House

This bounce house has a couple of activities that’d engage children with different interests. Not only does it have a bounce area, there’s also a basketball rim so the little ones can practice their basketball skills.

Costzon Inflatable Bounce House, 6 in 1 Mighty Balloon Double Slide Bouncer with Basketball Hoop, Climbing Wall, Large Jumping Area, Ideal Kids Jumper (Without Blower)
Costzon bounce house is made by extraordinarily heavy-duty puncture proof 420D Oxford materials, while the bouncing area is made by exclusive 800D Oxford to strengthen its ultimate durability.

There’s also a part in the net with 9 shooting nets. Children can practice throwing and have fun at the same time.

This bounce house is suitable for children 3 to 12 years old, with a maximum weight of 350lbs. 3 or 4 children can easily fit inside with plenty of room for all.

It’s made with 450D and 800D oxford material. That makes it durable and difficult to puncture.

You can place this bounce house indoors and outdoors. A really nice feature is that it has a shaded area in case you place it outside. This way, your children are protected from the sun’s rays.

It comes with stakes, a carrying bag, and a tear patch kit.

Things We Like

  • Protective netting
  • Fire resistant
  • Long fill tube to keep blower away from bounce
  • Shaded playroom

Things We Don’t Like

  • Doesn’t come with a blower
  • Doesn’t come with pit balls for playroom area

Blast Zone Little Bopper

This bounce house is made especially for toddlers. Children who use this bouncer should be 6 years or younger. It also holds a maximum weight of 150lbs and only 2 can use it at a time.

Blast Zone Little Bopper - Inflatable Bounce House with Blower - Indoor/Outdoor - Portable - Sets Up in Seconds
A safe place to burn off that excess energy! The Little Bopper's 20 square foot jumping area provides enough room for up to 2 kids under the age of 6 to bounce and tumble.

Blast Zone Little Bopper is designed so that toddlers can enjoy freely without having to worry about the older children taking up room. Blast Zone bounce house comes with a manual DVD, a blower, carrying straps, and anchor stakes so you could easily set it up outdoors.

It takes less than a minute to inflate and it deflates on its own once you switch off the blower.

Things We Like

  • Safety netting
  • Stays for hours at a time
  • Small size, can fit anywhere

Things We Don’t Like

  • Weak blower

Happybuy Inflatable Castle Bounce

When you first take a look at this bounce house, you can’t help but think of all the Disney movies you love. The cartoon design is a great way to attract kids of all ages.

It’s made with great oxford material, which ensures durability. It’s also so easy to clean by simply wiping it.

The Happybuy Inflatable Castle Bounce can fit 5 kids with a maximum weight of 550lbs. It’s suitable for children 3 to 15 years.

It comes with stakes to ensure it stays up if placed outside. It also comes with a carrying bag, and tear repair kit.

Things We Like

  • Durable material
  • Attractive design
  • Safe netting
  • Heavyweight capacity

Things We Don’t Like

  • Blower isn’t included

How To Choose The Right Bounce House

Indoor bounce houses are small in size. For that reason, and therefore most of them are suitable up to 7 years old only, with a few exceptions.

Those bounce houses were designed to fit in your basement or in a kids room. It doesn’t take up much space. You could use it for small parties, but you shouldn’t allow more than 2 to 4 children at the same time for safety.

If you were looking for something a bit more festive, then I suggest getting a standard size bounce house that could go outdoors.


The age limit is determined by the bounce house’s dimensions. The small indoor ones are usually designed for toddlers and may hold a few kids at a time.

The standard bounce house carries many more people and may even be suitable for some adults.

Before buying a bounce house, make sure you check the age range to see if it’ll suit your children.
Bounce House Dimensions and Jump Area
It’s essential that you check the dimensions mentioned on the box to ensure a proper fitting in your home. You should also look for the height of the bounce after inflation.

Also, when placing the bounce house you’d need to leave a few inches away from the wall. You wouldn’t want your kids to keep bumping into the wall or for the bounce house to scratch your walls.


Before you buy a bounce house, you need to see what is the maximum weight the bounce house can sustain.

Going over the weight limit can cause the bounce house to puncture and cause injury.


Indoor bounce houses are more on the budget-friendly side when compared to the outdoor bounce houses. Usually, they’ll range between $100 and $300.

The price is usually determined by the size, age limit, and if it comes with other accessories. I suggest getting a bounce house that comes with at least a blower. This way, you’ll save a few bucks.

If it doesn’t come with a blower, you’d need to invest in one.

Safety Measures

Even though it’s said that bounce houses are much safer than trampolines. There are a few things you’d need to keep in mind when you set up the bounce house.

When you first open the bounce house, make sure that there’s a detailed operating manual. If there isn’t one included with the house, check to see if the manufacturer has it online.

You should always supervise the children while they’re playing on the bounce house.

You could simply deflate the bounce house when you’re unable to attend the children or whenever it’s not in use.

Pay extra attention to the number of children allowed at once. You shouldn’t mix between age groups as well. Try to keep the same age groups bouncing at the same time.

Sometimes the bounce house starts to lose air. Try inflating it again.

If the problem persists, it’s probably safer to contact the manufacturer and see what the possible solutions to the problem are. Some might even offer to fix it.

Last but not least, watch out for the children who like to climb on the outside of the bounce house. The house could end up tipping over and hurt the child.

How To Maintain The Bounce House

There are a few things you should keep in mind in order to be able to keep your bounce house for as long as you can.

You should always keep it clean. You can start by vacuuming the bounce house. Another way to clean it off, depending on the fabric, is by wiping it. This should be done after each time it’s used.

If you won’t be able to do that because your kids use the bounce house all the time, cleaning the bounce house once a week should suffice.

You should also sanitize the bounce house as often as you can. You wouldn’t want to risk the spread of any infection to your children.

After cleaning the bounce house, you need to leave it out to dry completely before putting it away in its storage bag. Not leaving it to dry fully may result in some mildew and an unpleasant smell that might take some time to get rid of.

Keep in mind that it’s normal for air to be coming out of the seams while the kids are jumping. That’s why you should keep the blower on during the time the kids are using the bounce house.

If you find that the air isn’t enough and it’s not as bouncy as before, immediately stop the children from playing on it and contact the manufacturer.

Final Thought

In my opinion, the ACTION AIR Bounce House made it to the top of the list.

This bounce house offers a couple of activities your kids can easily enjoy. I also like that it can be used outdoors as well.

If you’re looking for something that’s a bit more budget-friendly though, the Costzon Inflatable Bounce House is an excellent alternative. Not only is it affordable, but it also comes with a few activities that your children will enjoy.

Take your time before buying a bounce house. In all cases though investing in one is much better than renting it. This way you get to keep and use it anytime!

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