How To Quickly Deflate Large Inflatables

Chris King

Here are some tips to help quickly deflate any inflatable quickly and also some guidance on how to do this depending on the valve.

How To Quickly Deflate Large Inflatables

With all inflatables, be it a tent, pool toys, air bed, SUP board or paddling pool, when inflated and the fun is over they will then need deflating which can sometimes take longer then it did to inflate them.

Inflatable products are a popular option for a variety of events, from birthday parties to company picnics. They are often selected for their portability, durability, and low cost. Given their size and purpose, however, large inflatables can be challenging to deflate in a timely manner. This blog post will provide some tips on how to quickly deflate large inflatables.

How to Deflate your Inflatables

Depending on the inflatable there are different ways that they are deflated. Some just have a plug which once pulled out the air will then escape, others have a valve where you pull the plug out but no air comes out, you then need to squeeze the valve which will then release the air.

  1. Begin by releasing the air from the blower. This can be done by unplugging the blower from the power source or by turning off the power at the circuit breaker.
  2. Once the blower is off, begin to fold the inflatable in half length-wise. Make sure that you are folding it in a way that will allow you to reach all of the air valves.
  3. Once the inflatable is folded in half, start at one end and begin rolling the inflatable up tightly. Again, make sure that all of the air valves are accessible.
  4. When you get to the end of the inflatable, use a zip tie or similar method to secure it shut. This will keep all of the air inside while you move it to the storage location.
  5. Most large inflatables have multiple air valves. Using a hand pump or an electric pump, begin to deflate the inflatable by removing the air from each valve one at a time. Start with one valve and move down the line until all of the valves have been used.
  6. Once all of The valves have been used and The inflatable is fully deflated, fold it in half length-wise again and begin rolling it up tightly from one end to The other. Again, use a zip tie or similar product To secure it shut when you reach The end so That no air will leak out while you move it to storage.”

Large inflatables can be cumbersome to deflate and store properly. However, by following these simple steps, you can have your large inflatable deflated and stored away in no time!

The one way flow valve can be found on many larger inflatable and pool toys, it is designed to stop the inflatable from deflating if the plug is accidentally knocked open.

To hold the valve open when deflating you can use a straw which can be inserted to keep it open, or the use of a binder clip to squeeze it. By squeezing the inflatable you can help force the air out quicker when rolling and packing it all away.

Once deflated, fold, roll and pack your inflatable item back into any packaging or case.

Using a Hand or Electric Pump

When buying a hand pump there are some that not only inflate but can also deflate too. Depending on which side you attached the pipe you can inflate of deflate your inflatable.

Using it to deflate when you pump it will suck the air out, this is great for making the inflatable as small as possible when packing it away as you can quickly remove any remaining air in the inflatable, without having to sit or squeeze out the air.

The Intex Double Quick III S Hand Pump is great for larger inflatable, be it giant pool inflatables, air tents or paddle boards.

Intex Double Quick III S Hand Pump, 14.5", Black
  • Great for airbeds or other large inflatables, the simple to use
  • Designed to pump air on both up and down strokes, this double action pump maximizes airflow, making inflating fast and simple

This type of pump is great for inflating and deflating, it makes it quick to do both, it is also a good size and makes inflating things quicker and easier with its large volume but sill compact size.

You can also buy electric air pumps that also have a deflating option as well.

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