Best Touring Stand Up Paddle Boards 2023

Chris King

The best touring SUP is more or less the best inflatable SUP for traveling across long distances. Some SUP boards are going to be better at this than others. People need to find the ones that are capable of maintaining their stability and rigidity even in the face of waters that keep on changing.

Best Touring Stand Up Paddle Boards 2023

These SUP boards need to be good at moving through the water, especially water that exists in very large quantities and that is going to change for people at a moment’s notice.

Touring is exhilarating, but people are going to need to prepare for it carefully.

Best Touring SUP Boards

The boards need to be built in such a way that they are great at slicing through water when necessary. The bow of these SUP boards should be very sharp and very good at cutting through water if people are going to be able to get past the unsteady flow of water effectively. Anyone who is going to be touring for a long period of time is going to be in the midst of water conditions that will change very quickly.

Even the steadiest bodies of water will still change fairly quickly, and that makes it all the more important for people to choose the touring SUP boards that are going to remain relatively stable for them.

It’s just as important for people to choose SUP boards that are long and narrow. Many of the long and narrow SUP boards that are on the market are going to be equipped with very sharp and cutting fronts, fortunately. However, people are also going to be in a situation in which they have to choose SUP boards that are stable enough to handle all of the different changes in terrain on the water.

Long and narrow SUP boards do have a tendency to be more rigid, so these characteristics do go hand in hand. Still, almost any inflatable SUP board can potentially suffer when it comes to the pressure that people need in order to maintain its shape.

It should be noted that beginners are going to have a hard time when it comes to touring in the first place, and they might be better off when it comes to some other activities with the SUP boards. People can still get adjusted to this eventually, but they need to give themselves some time to develop the level of proficiency that they need to handle the best inflatable touring SUP. Still, some of these SUP boards are much better for beginners than others.

Jobe Aero 12.6

Few SUP boards are going to be able to handle choppy water quite like the Jobe Aero 12 6. It has a narrow front that is going to cut through water very effectively. This is also one of the most narrow SUP boards that people are going to find in general, which makes it that much easier for people to use theJobe Aero 12 6 in the water.

Transporting the Jobe Aero 12 6 should also be easy for many people given the cargo system that it has and everything else that makes the Jobe Aero 12 6 convenient to use at all stages of ownership.

Starboard Touring Starshot 12’6″

The Starboard Touring Starshot 12’6″ is another SUP board that many people are going to find is relatively easy to use even for people who do not have a lot of experience. It’s a board that is very light and that handles very well, even in conditions where the water is very unsteady.

The tie-downs also allow people to take gear with them very easily, making the Starboard Touring Starshot 12’6″ easy to use in transport as well as in practice. While the Starboard Touring Starshot 12’6″ is wider than some of the best inflatable touring SUP boards, it is still more stable than they are, and people can still expect that the board is narrow enough to handle unsteady water flow.

Riviera Paddlesurf Voyager 12’6″

The Riviera Paddlesurf Voyager 12’6″ is a great choice for the people who are interested in the best inflatable touring SUP. This is a SUP board that is literally made from fiberglass and bamboo. As such, it is going to be much tougher than most of the other SUP boards that people will find.

Many individuals are going to appreciate the fact that this is a SUP board that is made from largely natural materials or from a great quantity of natural materials than most. Still, the most important thing is that it is tough enough to handle the long distances of touring.

The Riviera Paddle surf Voyager 12’6″ also benefits from the fact that it is able to move beautifully through the water in the first place, which is not something that people are always going to be able to expect from their SUP board devices. This is a product that people can handle even if they don’t have years and years of experience with their SUP boards. Its long, narrow, and lightweight shape should be perfect for a wide range of surfers.

Boardworks SHUBU Raven

This is a SUP board that is very light, and one of the easiest SUP boards to transport that people are going to find whether they are in the water or outside of the water. The construction materials are not the thickest on the market, but theBoardworks SHUBU Raven should still be thick enough for people to successfully complete the touring process, making it easier for them to get through this part of their journeys.

The Boardworks SHUBU Raven is very sturdy, even when people are using it in the most unsafe waters. The Board works SHUBU Raven glides very well, and people who have a lot of experience with SUP boards will find that it’s one of the best that they’ve used. It still should not be too difficult to use for the people who are not as experienced, however, which makes theBoardworks SHUBU Raven very versatile. The Boardworks SHUBU Raven is definitely strong enough and light enough to work for touring at the same time.

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