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Best Inflatable Tents for Family Camping in the UK

Chris King

We independently research the best inflatable tent for family use whilst maximizing value for money, check out the best family tents in the UK in this article.

Best Inflatable Tents for Family Camping in the UK

It’s a long-awaited 3-day weekend and you and your family have decided to go camping!

You’ve got all your camping gear and all that’s left to purchase is a tent. Which one do you choose? You may want to consider an inflatable tent instead of a traditional tent!

Inflatable tents are easy and quick to set up, can easily handle damage, and are a great choice for beginners and camping experts.

Most inflatable tents can be easily mended with repair kits, should any tears happen. Thankfully your inflatable tent will most likely come with its own repair kit, so you won’t have to worry about extra purchases.

The setup of an inflatable tent is insanely quick and easy! Most tents only require a basic hand pump to inflate them and can be inflated in mere minutes. Inflatable tents also don’t come with any of the complicated poles and pegs traditional tents come with. This makes them an ideal choice for beginners and families with children who want to get them involved in helping set up!

Top 5 Best Inflatable Tents for Family Camping

Choosing an inflatable tent instead of a traditional one for family camping is a great option! Let’s look at the best inflatable tents for family camping to help you pick the tent your family will love.

Vango Ringstead Air Adult Mixed Inflatable Tent

Packed size: 31.5 x 15.7 x 15.5 in (80 x 40 x 40 cm) | Dimensions: 16.4 x 8.2 ft (500 x 250 cm) | Weight: 38.1lb | Capacity: 4

This inflatable tent is equipped with a manual pump, inflatable beams, and fire-retardant fabric. It is also incredibly waterproof making this a great tent for year-round camping.

The pitch time for the Vango Ringstead is only 10 minutes! You won’t have to waste too much time pitching the tent and you and your family can enjoy the camping trip sooner.

With a maximum capacity of 4 people, this inflatable tent offers a tunnel type structure and 3 rooms. It also has a lights-out design to reduce glare and daylight, a full mesh door, and a panel door.

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This is one of the best inflatable tents for family camping year-round!

Pros: spacious, easy to set up
Cons: bulky, no floor vents

Ferrino Flow 4 Family Tent- Most Versatile

Packed size: 29.5 x 13.8 x 13.8 inches (75 x 35 x 35 cm) | Dimensions: 13.78 x 8.53 ft (420 x 260 cm) | Weight: 28lb | Capacity: 4

The Ferrino Flow 4 Family Tent is super easy to set up due to its tunnel type structure that includes inflatable beams instead of poles. Just use the included manual pump and you’ll be done inflating this tent in minutes!

This tent has 3 rooms distributed across its entire area. The amazing thing about this is the ability to transform the tent from 3 rooms to just 1 or 2 rooms by removing the inner shell! You can also convert one of the front rooms to a living area.

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The Ferrino Flow has 3 doors, a water repellent fly sheet floor, Mosquito nets, vent sleeves, and window storage. It is equipped with the best features for maximum ventilation and comfortability!

This is one of the best inflatable tents for a family who needs versatility.

Pros: organized, full protection, great height
Cons: heavy, bulky when packed

Vango 5 Person Odyssey Air 500 Tent

Packed size: 27.6 x 13.4 x 13.4 in (70 x 34 x 34 cm) | Dimensions: 183.1 x 126 in (465 x 320 cm) | Weight: 35lb | Capacity: 5

The Vango 5 Person Odyssey Air 500 Tent is perfect for large families! This inflatable tent can fit up to 5 people and includes 3 rooms. The inner structure has a spacious sitting room and 2 other units separated by a diver.

The shell of this tent is incredibly waterproof, so you have protection throughout the entire year! This tent is also equipped with a lights-out design allowing for reduction of glare and sunlight.

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The Vango is extremely easy to set up and inflate. It includes a pump and can be inflated in just 8-10 minutes! The extra storage pockets, roomy size, and easy setup make this tent one of the best inflatable tents for family camping!

Pros: quite simple to set up, suitable for larger families
Cons: not all doors have a mesh screen, can be difficult to transport

Crua Core Dome 6 Person Tent

Packed size: 35 x 15 x 15 inches (89 x 38 x 38 cm) | Dimensions: 192 x 126 in (488 x 320 cm) | Weight: 33lb | Capacity: 6

This spacious tent has a dome-style structure with inflatable beams, is made from breathable polyester, is water-resistant, and can fit 6 people! This is a great inflatable tent for a large family. This tent is amazingly easy to set up and includes a hand pump. It can be inflated in 15 minutes or less!

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This incredibly versatile tent is equipped with 3 huge doors and 3 additional zippered ports that can be used as doors as well. There are two added vents on the roof of the Cura Core Dome adding extra ventilation. You can also keep one of the doors partly unzipped to aid in air circulation.

This inflatable tent is certainly one of the best inflatable tents for a large family!

Pros: easy to set up, high beams, many doors
Cons: no mesh flooring

Bessport 4 Person Camping Tent

Packed size: 17.2 x 8 x 7.3 in (44 x 20 x 18 cm) | Dimensions: 102.4 x 94.5in (260x240cm) | Weight: 9lb | Capacity: 4

If your family enjoys backpacking, this inflatable tent is a perfect fit!

Weighing in at only 9 pounds, this tent can be easily transported and carried by one person. Despite its low weight, this inflatable tent can comfortably fit a family of 4.

The Bessport 4 Person Camping Tent has two D-shaped doors and two vestibules. This allows for the accommodation of up to 4 people. Not only is this tent spacious, but it can also be set up in only 3 minutes!

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Made with high-quality polyester fiber, this inflatable tent is waterproof and can be used in snow or rain. It is extremely durable and can withstand strong winds. The Bessport 4 Person Camping Tent is one of the best inflatable tents for a family that is backpacking together!

Pros: lightweight, durable, waterproof
Cons: doesn’t include pump


Quechua are a popular brand for air tents in the UK and have  great range of tents that come in different sizes and sleep from 2-3 people up to 8.

A perfect two man tent that is set up in seconds using a pump. The overall length of the tent is 282cm allowing space for the taller person to sleep, or space for bags and belongings.


This tent would be ideal for hiking trips where you need a small tent to erect quickly and easily each night, or for festivals where space is a premium and something that is simple and easy to set up. It comes in a striking blue and ideal for one off camping trips.


A great tent this is ideal for festivals, sleep overs or small camping trips. Sleeping up to 3 adults this is a cool and stylish looking air tent.


The tallest point of the tent is just 128 cm high, so not suitable for standing in, but it 210cm wide in the centre for 3 people to sleep. the overall tent width is 360cm. it is important to note that no pump is included which is needed as this is an inflatable tent.


For families then this 4 person tent is ideal, with 4m2 of floorspace this is a good size tent, the tallest point is 155cm hight and 135cm in the inside sleeping area.


The lined roof above the living area  allows for ventilation and also limits condensation. When it comes to transporting this the tent weight when compacted down is 8.74 kg is 60 X 26 x 41 cm in size. The sleeping area has 2 small windows on either side of sleeping area.


If you want a larger family tent that you can stand up in the this is ideal. At 190cm high in the living area it allows you to stand up there, the sleeping area is slightly lower and sleeps 4 adults easily.


With a tall living room that measures 6.5 m² in size the bedroom  is 210 x 280 cm. The cry weight is 12.3 kg and measures 75 X 30 x 32 cm. This tent although larger is still quick and easy to set up with the all-in-one inflatable structure installation using a air pump. In the living area you will find anti-mosquito windows and handy pockets on the outside of the bedroom.


If you want space then this is the one, this air tent has a 5.8 sqm living room with two bedrooms that sleep 2 people each measuring 260x140cm in size.


This tent comes with the FRESH & BLACK fabric with patented outer giving 99% darkness even in broad daylight. The weight if this tent is 16.26 kg and has a cover of 75 X 39 x 39 cm. With space on the ground there is also a  1.95m headroom allowing you to stand up in the tent.

It is important to note that these are air tents and require inflating to erect, although this is a simple task you do need a pump which these tents do not include. We recommend checking out the QUECHUA 5.2 L HAND PUMP that would be ideal for these tents.

The Best Inflatable Tents Buyer’s Guide

Sometimes selecting a tent with your family’s specific needs in mind can be hard! There are so many choices out on the market that are of different styles and structures. You must know the features that make up the best inflatable tents for family camping! Let’s take a look at a few.

Important Factors

The inflatable tent you choose will undoubtedly make or break your family camping trip! You’ll want to invest in a tent that will only add value to your trip, not take it away. The 3 features you should be aware of when searching for the best inflatable tents for family camping are size, weight, and inflation time.


The most important feature to take into consideration when purchasing an inflatable tent for family camping is the size of your family! You wouldn’t want everyone crammed in a tiny space for the entire trip. Also, you could save extra money on a larger tent if it isn’t really necessary.
Consider the size of your gear as well and choose a tent that can accommodate both your family and your belongings.


It is important to remember that some inflatable tents are heavier than others. If your family plans on hiking or frequently setting up a new camping spot, then you may want to opt for a lighter tent. If you plan on staying close to your vehicle and remaining sedentary, then a heavier tent will work well for you.

Inflation Time

You’ll want to make sure that your inflatable tent is easy to set up and has reasonable inflation and deflation times for convenience. This makes the entire process a lot simpler and makes it easier for children to get involved while setting up!


1. What is the difference between a regular tent and an inflatable tent?
Traditional tents are equipped with poles and fabric that are used to create shelter while camping. They are great in harsh weather and rugged terrain. Traditional tents, however, can be difficult to transport and keep all the important pieces together.

An inflatable tent uses air beams to keep it up instead of traditional poles. They are a lot easier to transport than traditional tents and are easier to set up and store.

2. Which inflatable tent do I choose for family camping?
Some inflatable tents only come with the bare minimum essentials while others have extra features. Some tents have a living space while others do not. It all depends on your needs! Overall, you’ll want to consider durability, size, and your environment.

3. Are inflatable tents safe?
Inflatable tents are made to an incredibly high standard! They are just as reliable as traditional tents and offer protection just as well. Because of the construction of inflatable tents, punctures are even relatively hard to occur.


There are tons of inflatable tents to choose from but choosing one of the best inflatable tents for family camping can surely add value to your camping experience!

When choosing a tent, keep in mind all the features that will comfortably accommodate your family and your budget. Most inflatable tents have features that make them amazingly versatile, so you won’t have a hard time choosing!

Whether you’ll be taking your family on a backpacking adventure or a snowy expedition, an inflatable tent will be a great fit for all conditions.
So round up your family and begin that camping trip!

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