Intex InflataBULL Inflatable Pool Float

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As far as inflatable pool float and games go, an inflatable bucking bronco is pretty dam good! The Intex InflataBULL Inflatable Pool Float has a inflatable ring with a printed photo realistic bull in the middle that you sit on. With your friends holding it steady you can climb on, then it is ready set go as you try and stay on as your friends rock the float and you try to balance and stay on.

Intex InflataBULL Inflatable Pool Float

This is great for pool parties and ideal for friends and a bit of competition to try and stay on the longest. See it in action in the video below from the manufacturers Intex.

In terms of size the inflatable is 96 inches x 77 inches x 32 inches, the weight limit for the inflatable bull is 340 lbs.

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