Huge Inflatable Speedboat with a Built-in Drinks Cooler

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Large inflatables are a must for any pool party, but if you are on a lake with a few friends then this massive inflatable speed boat is for you.

Designed as an inflatable island float it can hold up to 6 adults, its not designed for rowing or being pulled and doesn’t come with any oars. It is shaped just like a speedboat and would certainly be mistaken for a real one when on the water.

Giant Inflatable Speedboat

A must for the summer, ideal for on a lake or another boat to use off your own yacht!

Huge Inflatable Speedboat with a Built-in Drinks Cooler

It takes around 20 minutes to inflate, pump recommended!

The boat measures in at 20 feet long and 10 feet wide, and even comes with a built in bottle cooler.

6-Person Inflatable Bay Breeze Boat Island Party Island
  • Perfect lounge for land or water use Designed for maximum comfort and hours of relaxation Room for 6
  • pump not included REQUIRED FOR INLATION

This is perfect for friends chilling on a nice sunny day on the lake, the whole thing is made of Vinyl so you could also have it set up in your back garden and fill the foot well with water to act as a paddling pool.

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