Rude & Abusive Party Balloons

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Got a party coming up, then how about some totally inappropriate message on balloon,s forger the happy birthday types balloons, how about something a little rude and very blunt.

Very Rude Party Balloons

We have rounded up some silly, stupid, rude and certainly abusive balloons for those people that want to be ever so slightly inappropriate…

Abusive Balloons

If you want to make a statement, want something a little different and funny then check out these Abusive Balloons by Firebox. In a pack you get 3 different colours balloons of which you get 4 of each, red, yellow and orange. On each of the coloured balloons is an abusive message perfect for that adult only grumpy old birthday party. F**k me you’re old, happy f**king whatever and this party is s**t. On the balloons it does read the full words and are not stared out.

Abusive Balloons by Firebox

If you are planning a surprise birthday party for your grumpy old man and these balloons sum up the sort of things he would say then make sure you get them for his party.

What you get…

  • 4x Red – FCK ME YOU’RE OLD
  • 4x Orange – THIS PARTY IS SHT

Cause a stir and a few awkward laughs with these eye catching Rude & Abusive Party Balloons for adults only. In total you get 12 balloons in a pack, 4 of each colour.

These balloons are great for your grump old man’s 60th birthday party, a surprise party for a friend at university or college, perfect for anyone that can take a joke and won’t be too offended!

Echolife 12 Inch Abusive Party Balloons

In this pack you get 25 balloons that can be blown up or filled with helium, in this pack of 25 you get 5 different ballon and 5 of each.

Rude & Abusive Party Balloons

Each of the 5 have different slogans and messages on which are not for the typical party and are just a little abusive to say the least.

What you get…

  • 5 x Blue – YASSS B*TCH
  • 5 x Pink – THIS PARTY IS SH*T
  • 5 x Green – THIS PARTY S*CKS

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