Giant Inflatable Pool Riding Derby Duck – Game 5000

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With the popularity of giant inflatable pool swans and other great and crazy inflatables, new for 2016 is the GAME 5000 Giant Inflatable Pool Floating Riding Derby Duck that includes built-in cup holders and handles on the side. The bright yellow duck wearing jet black sunglasses supports  weight up to 175 lbs. This is great for kids as well as two people to relax and enjoy. 

Giant Inflatable Pool Riding Derby Duck - Game 5000

On the side there are straps designed for oars to keep them in place and secure when not in use.

If the giant white swan was the must have pool toy last year, is it the turn of the giant inflatable yellow duck for 2016?

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  1. Floyd rowland

    hey where do you get the oars for derby duck.please get back to at the email below. Thank you.


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