Fill Water Balloons for a Water Fight in under 20 Seconds!

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When the summer comes there is always ‘that’ watertight, water pistols, buckets, and of course water bombs. Water pistols are great fun however water balloons take time to fill, you then have to knot them and as soon as they are thrown and they burst that is the end of that balloons.

With Bunch O Balloons you can create hundreds of water bombs all ready to use in a matter of minutes, all filled, all tied and all ready to throw.

Bunch O Balloons

This video shows how they work and how quick and easy it is to fill 100 water balloons in under a minute with bunch o balloons.

This is a great invention created by someone with 8 kids who decided there must be a better way to fill balloons for a watertight. This just screws onto your tap or hose pipe, you fill the balloons as much as you want, and then shake the adapter off and the balloons will disconnect and be tired ready to throw. Easy!

You can buy them in packs of 100 and they also come in different colours too, ideal for creating teams, for just mixing them all up for a colourful water fight.

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