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Wenzel Vortex 4 Tent Review

Chris King
Wenzel Vortex 4 Tent Review

If you love camping and hiking then you probably know the importance and vitalness of having an exquisite, magnificent and functional tent. Its importance can’t be understated, from protecting you from the cold, animals outside or crawling insects to making your camping experience one to never forget about, a good tent something you can’t take for granted when going out camping.

Wenzel Vortex 4 Person Tent Review

We review the popular Wenzel Vortex 4 Person inflatable Tent.

Quick Stats

Sleeps 4 People
Polyester Fabric

An awesome inflatable tent will also protect from the rain especially if you are going camping or hiking to a place like a forest or mountain where rain is something that can’t be avoided. If you are a person who likes camping and hiking or has experienced camping and hiking, then am sure you can fully relate with what am trying to put across in this article.

In this article we are reviewing the Wenzel Vortex 4 Tent. This magnificent and unmatched tent is made of exceptional and unrivalled quality as it is big and spacious making it perfect for a family or a couple. Those bogus camping experiences and moments due to pathetic and substandard tents will be a thing of the past with this exceptional tent.

Wenzel Vortex 4 Tent Review

The size of this truly exquisite and magnificent tent is big enough for a big family or a couple who would love a good time out just them camping or hiking alone. The worry of the tent not being big enough to accommodate all of you will not exist. Just to inform you on the size of the truly exceptional tent, it measures an astonishing fifty-eight inches in height and sixty-seven square feet in floor area. The awesome of it is that it can be adjusted to the size you prefer or feel comfortable with.

This one of a kind tent is very lightweight so as to help in increasing the maneuverability and carrying of the tent. It measures eleven pounds in weight. If you plan to go out to nomadic camping whereby you are not confined to one place, then this is the tent for you. Your movement will be made easy with this tent. It also has a large front door so that you can enter and go out of the tent easily without a fuss. For aeration. It has been made to have three windows that help in air conditioning the tent.


This tent of Wenzel Vortex uses cutting edge and top notch technology. The technology it uses is called AirPitchTM technology. With this technology, one person can inflate the 2 leak proof durable air holes using a dual or two-way pump in just one minute. This makes setting up the tent to be of less of a hassle and also less tiresome.

It has a large D door for easy accessing of the tent for good camping experiences. The materials used to make this exquisite tent are of exceptional quality as the materials are long lasting. This makes the tent to be able to withstand harsh conditions or even unpredictable weather. Careful consideration was taken when manufacturing this excellent and exquisite tent so as to make sure it is of high grade quality.

It also has one no-see-um window that has been meshed and zippered in the door. The windows on the door are on 2 sides of the tent. It also has a hooded vent that enables the tent have good ventilation. The hooded vent can be found on the back of the tent. Most tents in the market don’t have windows for ventilation hence they make the tent be stuffy especially at night but with this tent, your camping nights will be special and full of brilliant camping moments. It also has an allowance of enlarging the tent so that many people can fit into the tent unlike most tents in the market these days.

This video shows how easy it is to set up the Wenzel Vortex Tent.

This exceptional and unmatched tent also has a 1000D wielded floor that has been made of polyethylene. This makes the floor of this tent to be very tough and hence long lasting. If you are going camping to a hilly or rocky place, your tent will not get damaged due to the rocks. Depending on your intended use and personal preference of this tent you will definitely find it applicable with the use you wanted to use it for.

Wenzel Vortex 9x8-Feet Four-Person Airpitch Tent
  • Floor Area: 67 square feet
  • Peak Height: 58 inches

If the weather is not pleasant, worry not because this magnificent tent is made of Weather Armor Polyester walls that have an eight hundred millimeter coating that makes it not be able to sag if it is raining outside. It also has unrivalled ultra violet resistance.

The out of the world tent also has storage bags, stakes, storage pockets and air pumps

Good & Bad

As with everything there are good and bad points, and the same can be said with the Wenzel Vortex 4 Tent.


  • It is very affordable for all the features it has.
  • It is machine washable and also you can wash it with your hands hence if you go camping you will not worry how to wash it.
  • It is made to be very large for a family and also has an allowance of reducing its size making it capable to fit a couple or a family than other tents currently in market. If you plan to go out camping as a family, worry not as this exquisite tent will be large enough for your family.

It is lightweight and less bulky so it doesn’t pose problems of bulkiness due to it being made of lightweight materials. The materials are microfiber materials hence of high quality and extremely lightweight.


Its stuffing tends to clump making it to move around unevenly in the squares that are stitched though this was a problem reported by very few people. Compared to the other tents that are currently in the market, this one of a kind tent trounces most of them comfortably.

Bottom line

As per the customer reviews received for this tent, it can be concluded to be an awesome tent worth every penny you spend on it. it is highly recommended to customers. Customers who are in need of this magnificent tent can visit any of their local stores as they can be found in them in large numbers.

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