Coleman Fastpitch Air Valde 6 Review

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Coleman Fastpitch Air Valde 6 Review
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Summary: This is the most advanced camping system for many people. It totally blocks the daylight that can be penetrative into the space. This aids it to provide the maximum comfort and protection during the outdoor event. They have a waterproof fabric which is tolerant to any prevailing weather conditions.

Outdoor activities are the most enjoyable events. The choice of a perfect air valde can become difficult at times. An outdoor or camping for a meeting is not complete without a Coleman fastpitch Valdes 6. They are designed to create a spacious space to accommodate a maximum number of 6 people. This inflatable tent has all the necessary requirements that a tent need. Through the customer reviews, the product is awesome and many people have used it. The tent has many good features that make it perfect. Those customers who have used it say that it is awesome and they like using it now and again.

Coleman Fastpitch 6 Valdes Review

We review this popular Coleman fastpitch Valdes 6 from the UK.

Quick Stats

Sleeps 6 People
Living/Sleeping Space


The following are the important features of the Coleman fastpitch air valde 6. Important features of Coleman fastpitch air valde 6

  • It has a spacious space.
  • They are pitched and easily inflatable
  • Tolerant to all weather conditions.
  • It is easy to inflate and deflate it
  • It is made from high quality materials
  • Has a central place to hang the lantern

The tents are awesome with a 3 bedroom and a sleeping space. It is a bagged up tent which is spacious. It is a large room with a nice head clearance. This makes it a gorgeous space for relaxation. Moreover, its blackout bedroom is incredibly amazing. They are designed to maximize the living space. Whether having a weekend way or a festival with your friends, it is a construction that can save your money. The most wonderful thing is on its extra large bedrooms. The rooms can comfortably accommodate double air beds. This can make your camping trip more enjoyable with nice night sleeps.

The tent is easy to inflate. It takes some simple steps that start by pushing in the pin. In this step, the pin needs to be in an extended position. On the process of inflating the poles, the pump and the manometer are used in inflating the pole to 7PSI.The third step is on the replacement of the cap. The deflation process involves the removal of the cap and pushing in the pin to open the valve.

Blackout Bedrooms – This is the most advanced camping system for many people. It totally blocks the daylight that can be penetrative into the space. This aids it to provide the maximum comfort and protection during the outdoor event.

They have a waterproof fabric which is tolerant to any prevailing weather conditions. Coleman is there to ensure that you protected at all times. In the tent; you can manage the temperature of the bedroom. You can keep it at 5 degree Celsius at the day and 1 degree Celsius during the night. This is influenced by the fabric material that is used to make it. Moreover; it can be used during the rain and the wind seasons.

Due to the development of technogy, fast pitch air Valdes have a fire retardant ability. The material fabrics do not flare dangerously out of control but it extinguishes itself. This gives an escaping chance when an emergency arises. They are quite different from the other tents. Many people have liked it because you can put it up easily.

Fastpitch air vades 6 is wonderfully designed for 6 people. It has a great double sleeping compartment. Their inner skin can prevent the light to keep the bedroom cooler at day time and cooler at night. In its living room section, there are 2 windows with privacy screen and two doors. Coleman fastpitch valde 6 is structured in a way that it can be carried in a car. The broken down conventional of the poles does not consume more space in the car.

It has a civilized entrance and all its rooms have zippers on the doors which can be opened to increase the ventilation of the room. Its hanged doors are great in controlling the climate of the valde.Its sewn groundsheets make the whole space to look fantastic. This is the best you need for your camping.

Coleman fast pitch is a tent which does not have complicated processes in installing or dismantling it. It is a few minutes task that does not require help. The most amazing thing with it is that it comes with all its tools of setting it up.

This inflatable tent is made from a polyester fabric that makes the tent breathless. This makes it to be more durable and strong. The poles are perfect with a TPU material which is encapsulated in a shell.

It is wonderfully designed to have a central place where you can hang your lantern at night. This actually creates no bend but an amazing structure. A source of light is important during the night and it need to be hung at a place where it can reflect at everything in the tent.

This makes the tent breathless and it blocks the daylight. Not only being comfortable, the 6XL valde is easy to install and unstall.The most wonderful thing with it is that it has a valve centre button that is pushed to let the air in the room. It is wind and rain tested. Fastpitch valde has a door that can be tied up and does not involve rolling when you are coming in. Its main entrance is perfect with a rigid structure.

This makes the entrance of the tent durable. All the doors of the valde 4 are double layered to give the tent flexibility to the unpredictable weather.

Different Sizes

The Coleman fastpitch air valde 6 are of different designs; 6XL, 4 and 2. The 6 XL is made from a polyester fabric.

Valdes 4
Valdes 6Valdes 6LValdes 6 XL
Blackout Bedrooms
Living Space (M²)
Hinge Door
Water Column4000 mm4000 mm4000 mm4000 mm
58 x 38 x 46 cm78 x 58 x 36 cm
78 x 58 x 41 cm
78 x 58 x 48 cm
18.5 Kg22.6 KG26.6 Kg30.5 Kg
Carry bag included?


Good & Bad


  • It is made from a high quality material
  • It is easy to pitch
  • Large living quarters
  • It comes with pump and manometer for inflating.


  • Only one bedroom is a blackout room
  • When packed up it weights a lot!

Customer reviews

Many customers have reviewed on the product. One of the customers says that Coleman is effortless and it has incredible black out bedrooms. In addition, he said that it is not only a shiny product; it is also light and fast. His family members have appreciated it as a great product that has solved their family camping problems.

Another customer said that the product is convenient and its bedroom is nice for children.Moreover,it is made from a material fabric that makes it water repellant. In his final remarks, he said that the Coleman is helpful during any outdoor event and he recommends it to everyone.
The third buyer said that she has loved the item because of its gorgeous shape and its strength against all the elements. She also said that they have not seen any problem with the tent.

Final Thoughts

This is a great tent, it is large, spacious and comfortably sleeps 6 adults. The black out room design is a great feature and works really well, however for some reason this is only in one of the sleep areas and not the smaller one too. It is super quick and easy to inflate with the 3 fast pitch air beams. The included pump is also good and well designed.

If there is one drawback it is the size and weight, any inflatable tent that sleeps 6 people will have this same issue, and that it is extremely heavy. So if you are camping with 5-6 people you will need some of them to help carry this tent to the required location, the size also makes it difficult to transport too, however if you have the space and the people to carry it is certainly worth it and is a great tent.

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